‘Teletubby’ sign is criticised

Moira Sign.  INLM0215-416
Moira Sign. INLM0215-416

Residents of Moira are worried new signage, compared by some to a prop from the Teletubbies, sends out the wrong message about the village.

Concerned villagers took to Facebook to complain about the new signage which shows a purple, yellow and pink flower beside the Moira name.

On the Moira Live Facebook page, some claimed that it would look well in an episode of the Teletubbies.

Gareth Matthews said: “Spend loads of money doing the park up which looks great. Then we pull a crayon drawing off some primary school pupil and stick it up 100 yards away.”

Joanne Mitchell said: “As a business owner I was very shocked when I saw it. We have to be careful what type of signage we use for shops in the village, and we aren’t allowed to change our windows, etc to keep with the historic element of the town. But the council deem this acceptable?”

Jillian Marsden said: “Totally embarrassing. Our village has so many beautiful features yet any visitors are met with this.

“Would have been nice if the people of Moira had been asked their opinion.”

Craig Stirling commented: “I think it is very colourful and bright, it brings a kind of sparkle and happiness to Moira that makes people want to come to our beautiful village #keepthemoirasign”

A spokesperson for Lisburn City Council said: “Community consultation meetings were held in June and July 2013 to develop ideas about what images might represent each village. At the meetings, opinions were expressed that the village was full of vibrancy and colour with attractive floral displays and a youthful community.”

The Chairman of the Economic Development Committee Allan Ewart said: “The signs have certainly provoked strong feelings amongst our residents.

“The council invested over £1m to upgrade Moira Demesne and public support on this project has been positive and we will continue to invest in our towns and villages.

“With regards to the Moira sign we will continue to listen to everybody’s views and opinions and keep an open mind about the ongoing signage in Moira village.”