Ten are fined in fouling blitz

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TEN people have been fined for dog fouling offences over the past week after a blitz by Craigavon Council.

Three people were caught in the Kilwilkie estate while two were caught on the Portadown Road.

And another pair were issued with fines in Craigavon City park,

There were also fines issued in Lake Street, Windsor Avenue and Avenue Road.

Craigavon Council announced a zero tolerance policy in relation to dog fouling at the beginning of this year.

Trevor Clydesdale, neighbourhood environmental manager, said anyone caught letting their dog foul will receive an on-the-spot fine of £50.

“Dog fouling is worse at this time of year as people allow their dogs to foul under the cover of darkness. All people have to do is to pick up after their dog and place the bag in the doggy bin,” said Mr Clydesdale.

“It’s not a lot to ask and it makes our streets and pavements suitable for everyone to walk on without encountering a mess.

“We need the public to be our eyes and ears and report offenders. Don’t let the irresponsible dog owners give the majority of good owners a bad name.”

It is also understood the council has also received calls from residents reporting dog fouling crimes which are being pursued.

The council will be running a promotional campaign in the summer to further educate people on the perils of dog fouling, using money from the European Union’s Neighbourhood Renewal fund.

“Council is determined to continue with zero tolerance as it helps everyone in the borough – both visitors and residents alike,” the spokesperson added.