Thanks as bunting removed

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Upper Bann PUP has thanked those who have ‘taken the time over the past weekend to remove the decorations placed in Lurgan town to help with the 12th festivities and to congratulate them for how well the town looked for the 2017 marching season’.

They said: “It is appreciated... that these decorations don’t just appear and Upper Bann Fusiliers FB have taken on the responsibility in recent years of erecting the bunting and flags which traditionally go up and UB PUP would like to congratulate them for their efforts as Lurgan looked very colourful and joyous for the parades this season.

“Now that their own successful parade has brought the season in Lurgan to a close, they have made sure to take down the decorations to prevent them becoming an eyesore and this sort of dedication and community spirit is only to be commended.”