The tale of the very tearful baby, the tearful mum, a lost comfort blanket and the PSNI

Police came to the aid of a very tearful mum and her even more tearful baby after a comfort blanket was lost.

Kind-hearted officers helped the distressed mum Kelly and went in search of her daughter Willow’s special blanket.

Willow sleeping soundly with her comfort blanket

Willow sleeping soundly with her comfort blanket

PSNI Craigavon explained: “One of our crews came across a very distressed and very tearful mum....and a very very very tearful baby.

“The problem was one lost baby comfort blanket.

“Never one to leave someone in distress your local crew were on a mission and were not prepared to fail.

“As you know crews have been out and about stopping retail thefts and so this walk round the shops was perfect timing.

The lost comfort blanket

The lost comfort blanket

“By retracing the steps of Mummy and Baby and no shop left without a search the baby blanket was found and the tears were stopped.

“And the happy ending is a report of one sleeping baby.”

Kelly told police: “Thank you so much to the officers. Truly am so very grateful. May only be a lost bear to some but to our wee girl it’s her world. From a very happy and thankful mummy.”