Thieves burned into pub’s safe

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It was believed professional thieves made off with thousands of pounds in drink, money and cigarettes in two raids in 1985.

The Railway Tavern bar outside Moira was one of the targets.

Using oxy-acetylene cutting equipment they burned their way into the pub’s safe and spirit store.

The gang first cut the telephone wires at the premises and then got it by forcing the front door.

It was similar to a break-in at Lurgan Cash and Carry in William Street.

The thieves, using the same sort of cutting equipment, got away with thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes.

They too cut through the telephone wires and burned through the locks on the security doors. They then backed in a lorry to get away with the goods.

It was thought that the same criminal gang was responsible for both raids. It was also believed that the haul from the Railway Tavern break-in was a substantial one.