Thieves target Craigavon Hospital for second time in days

Wheels stolen from nurse's car
Wheels stolen from nurse's car

Thieves have attempted to steal more than a ton-weight in cable from Craigavon Hospital - the second time it was targeted in as many days.

According to the PSNI Craigavon at some point between 4.30pm (Monday) and 7.45am(Tuesday), thieves attempted to take two reels of cable from the building site at the hospital.

Just days earlier thieves stole the wheels off a nurse’s car while she was working on a ward.

“Each reel is over a ton in weight and is 1.5 meter diameter.

“This would have taken either The Hulk, or some serious lifting equipment.

“Thankfully, our guys attended and, having searched the area, found the cable (worth around £5k) which was stashed nearby. This was almost certainly left to be picked up on a second run.

“It’s horrendous for an NHS site to be targeted. Any building work is only to improve public service and this is therefore not just an attack on builders and contractors, but on all of us.

“If you saw anything untoward around the hospital overnight, please get in touch. If you see anyone snooping about and you’re concerned about what they’re up to, call us immediately. On this occasion they left empty handed and we were able to recover what they were targeting. Next time we may not be so lucky.”