Three generations lose ‘a whole person’

Bernie Walsh with Nicole Mount, Micheala  Mount and Maisie Leckey.
Bernie Walsh with Nicole Mount, Micheala Mount and Maisie Leckey.

Three generations of one family from Lurgan took the decision last year to become healthier and join Weightwatchers - and lost ‘a whole person’ in the process.

Granny Maisie (in her 80th year), daughter Michaela and granddaughter Nicole had all had enough of carrying the extra pounds.

Michaela and her mum were the first to make a move and decided to join the Weightwatchers class in the Emmanuel Church.

Shortly afterwards, Nicole noticed the difference in both of them and thought to herself that she could give it a go, too.

Nicole said: “As I was only 20 I wasn’t so sure about going to the class, as I thought it was only for older people - but I was delighted to see such an age range there and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I love the classes and it really feels like a wee community.

“The best thing for me with my weight loss is that I now look for clothes that show off my figure rather than clothes that hide it.”

Michaela agreed: “I now look forward to a shopping trip rather than dread it. I can wear so many different styles now and no longer always wear black.

“However, the best thing for me is the energy that I have gained. I have got my get up and go back!

“I can’t say enough about Bernie, our class leader; she is simply the best. She really does care about every single one of her members.

“We had a very emotional, tough year last year and she showed us so much compassion and gave us lots of support. Normally I would have turned to food for comfort but, with Bernie’s words of wisdom ringing in my ears, I didn’t.”

As for Maisie, she really enjoyed the social aspect of the class: “It’s like meeting up with all your friends at once.

“When you hear about how well everyone is doing, it really motivates you to keep going.

“As Bernie says ‘It’s not always easy but it will be worth it’ - and it’s been so worth it for me. I have trouble with my joints and have had an operation on my ankles but, having lost over four stone, my mobility has improved tenfold.”

Bernie Walsh, the class leader said: “It was a pleasure to have these three ladies in my class. They were all very dedicated and never missed a week.

“They have lost over 9st between them. That’s what I weigh so technically they have lost me!

“I think the fact that their ages range from 20–80 confirms that age is only a number, and that weight loss by healthy eating can improve anyone’s life.”

Bernie’s Weightwatchers classes meet in Emmanuel church on Wednesdays: 9.30am 10.45am 12.45pm, 5.15pm and 6.30pm.