Three separate call outs in one day for NIE

THE black out in High Street on Wednesday was one of three power cuts in Lurgan that day.

It has emerged the cause of the town centre turmoil was a faulty underground cable.

Shirley Devlin, NIE Customer Relations Manager for the area, explained: “A fault in an underground cable on High Street in Lurgan left 12 commercial customers without electricity from 8.45am on Wednesday.

“The fault affected one phase of the circuit which is why only certain businesses on the street were without power.

“NIE emergency repair crews responded immediately and final repairs were completed at 11.45pm.”

Shirley added: “On the same morning over one thousand customers in the Lough Road area of Lurgan suffered a power cut at 3.17am. Emergency repair teams were on site quickly and restored electricity at 5.11am.

“A further interruption occurred just after 10am. Power was immediately restored to all but four customers.

A damaged piece of equipment in the Francis Street area was repaired and these customers had their electricity restored by 1.48pm.

“These faults were unrelated.”