Thugs are ‘soiling’ town’s good name

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LURGAN Ulster Unionist Councillor Jo-Anne Dobson has hit out at those behind the disturbances in the town.

Mrs Dobson said: “Once again the good name of the town and people of Lurgan has been soiled by the actions of a few thugs.

“Local people have had their lives disrupted, the travelling public have been inconvenienced and police officers have had to face a sustained assault from youths.”

She continued: “As a local councillor I know full well that the vast majority of the people want nothing to do with this. Hoax bombs and rioters are a throw-back to the bad old days and it is vital that the community stands together and assists the police to identify and arrest those who seek to terrorise local people and assert dominance over their areas.

“Anyone who sees any suspicious activity or can assist the police in any way, should do so immediately. The people of Lurgan, are no different to the rest of Upper Bann. They care about jobs, schools and their health service and want to live free from fear. Those who would seek to create disorder and attack the police are operating to a failed agenda and must be stopped.”