Tiernan’s grieving family plan to raise funds for bereavement charity

Stefan Green and his father Stephen who are organising a Big T Truck Run in memory of their brother and son Tiernan who passed away last year after suffering an asthma attack
Stefan Green and his father Stephen who are organising a Big T Truck Run in memory of their brother and son Tiernan who passed away last year after suffering an asthma attack

Still struggling with grief, the family of Tiernan Green are organising a special charity event to raise funds for a bereavement charity.

Tiernan passed away last year after suffering an asthma attack, aged just 20-years-old.

Tiernan Green

Tiernan Green

Since then it is has been a traumatic year for the family as they have come to terms with the loss of a popular and beautiful son.

Dad Stephen, a lorry driver for Norman Emerson’s, organised a Truck Run last year - when hundreds of lorries drove in convoy in a fundraising spectacular.

And due to its huge success, they are planning another one in June.

This time they want to raise funds for the charity AnamCara which supports parents through bereavement.

It has been a huge help to Stephen over the past few months as he comes to terms with the loss of his son.

Stephen said he has been to meetings of AnamCara in Armagh City Hotel over recent months.

“They have brought me great solace,” said Stephen who admits to struggling over losing Tiernan.

“It brings you into the room with other people who have also lost a child,” he said.

“If you lose a child you don’t know how to deal with how you feel. It has been a struggle,” he said.

Over the past year the family have raised around £21,000 and have helped renovate the family room at Craigavon Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Stephen said: “We did up the whole room and put in a TV, sofa and coffee machine.”

There are also new pictures and a special plaque dedicated to the memory of Tiernan.

Being in that room has some very painful memories for the Green family and it was important to them to help make it into a serene place for other families to use.

Plus they have bought the Emergency Department a brand new Non-Invasive Respirator Machine.

Stephen said: “We couldn’t believe that the Emergency Department were borrowing one from 2 North.”

They have also delivered 86 nebulisers throughout the community.

Stephen revealed that among those to benefit include schools in Lurgan, Craigavon, Moira and Belfast, rugby clubs, gaelic clubs and boxing clubs.

He added: “Anyone who asked us, including friends and neighbours, got a nebuliser.”

Next on the to-do-list is spending money on helping to renovate the ambulance station at Craigavon. “We would like to see if we can do anything for them,” he added.

Stephen said the grief since his son died has been ‘overwhelming’.

“It is sometimes like living in a bubble,” he said.

“Only for our family, the local community and our employers we don’t know how we would have coped.”

“We have good days and bad days but it never leaves you. Tiernan is badly missed in our house.

“It can be hard going at times,” he added. “But it is a work in progress.”

Stephen added: “All we want to do is save other people heartache.

“Tiernan didn’t die in vain. He is saving lives. We are being pushed by Tiernan from heaven.”

And he revealed that since his wife Donna’s emotional and powerful interview on Nicky Campbell’s Five Live show, the response has been overwhelming.

“It has been positive. She even was told that she helped save someone son’s life. And that is what we are trying to do, raise awareness of asthma.”

The Truck Run on June 30 promises to be an extraordinary event. With around 200 trucks travelling in convoy from Emerson’s Yard in Derryadd near Lurgan.

There will also be a BBQ and raffle with some amazing prizes up for grabs including a two nights bed and breakfast in an Ibis Hotel, £500 voucher from Carberry Coaches, and much more.

Big Pat Christie will be providing the entertainment and there will be a strongman truck pull as well with Sean Hagan the world’s tallest strongest man.

There won’t be an entry fee but donations are welcome. The trucks will be leaving at 2pm and promises to be an exciting spectacle.

If you would like more information check out www.facebook.com/events/551521288537998/