Tinned version of popular wine arrives

Buckfast in tins is now on sale in the town.

The tonic wine, known affectionately in these parts as Lurgan Champagne, has always been popular with local drinkers. Now at D-Bees at Centrepoint they’ve been doing a roaring trade in the tinned version of Buckfast.

Sorcha O'Hanlon at the Buckfast freezer in Dee Bees.

Sorcha O'Hanlon at the Buckfast freezer in Dee Bees.

Manager Sorcha O’Hanlon told the ‘MAIL’: “We’re one of the first local off licences to get it in. We got 100 cases and after the first two or three days we had to get another 100.

“They’ve been selling really well. Feedback from customers is that it’s easier to drink than the bottles. Some people think it’s nicer.”

She added: “I think people like the fact the tins are colder than the bottles.

“We keep our Buckfast in a freezer rather than a fridge so that it’s extra cold.”

The idea behind the tins seems to be to make Buckfast a summer drink, but with sales in the area already being abnormally high it’ll be hard to tell whether profits have been significantly increased by the tinned version of the product.

Sorcha said: “You get a lot of people buying a bottle and a tin. They say one bottle isn’t enough but two is too many.

“A bottle and a tin seems to be the perfect combination.”