Tom goes solo with four-year collection

Tom McConnell
Tom McConnell

Local musician Tom McConnell is going it alone with his impressive new EP.

Tom bares his soul on Scraps, his first solo outing having made a name for himself as part of Wednesday Adams and more recently as frontman of Tequila Mockingbird.

Tom said: “The record is a collection of songs recorded over a period of four years in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, comprising a sort of musical scrapbook of that chapter of life.”

Tom is a man who likes to push boundaries. His vocals demonstrate a sense of adventure, one minute he soothes with a lullaby, the next he’s booming like a tribesman.

His soulful pop songs are catchy and thanks to some solid guitar and percussive backing will have you stamping your foot involuntarily.

All four songs on the EP were written by Tom who also provides all the vocals and the majority of the instruments. Due to his all-encompassing multi-intrumental approach Tom’s live shows involves quite a bit of loop pedalling.

Since leaving his Irish roots in 2009, Tom has proven himself to be up and coming talent on an international level. His solo work has seen him sell out some of Scotland’s prestigious venues and perform to a full house at Londonʼs Southwark Playhouse on NYE 2010.

Tom is a Bachelor of Music with Honours from the University of Edinburgh in 2013.

Tom is now living and performing in the south of England. His EP is available from