Took father’s car to ‘nip into the town’


When he took his father’s car to ‘nip into town’ a 22-year-old man was not covered by his insurance and did not have his father’s permission to take the car.

Ross Harrison, Pollock Drive, Lurgan, was fined £350 and given eight points last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for driving without insurance. He was also fined £150 for taking a car without the owner’s permission.

The court heard that on December 24 last year he was stopped by police on Millennium Way, Lurgan, and asked for his insurance.

Harrison said the car belonged to his father and he was driving it on a third party basis.

He had insurance for his own vehicle.

It transpired he was not covered and his father had not given him permission to take the vehicle.

Mr Felim Rafferty, representing the defendant, said Harrison genuinely felt he was covered.