Top night with Knights

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THE Lowly Knights will play Auntie Annies on Friday, July 22.

Championing a sound which combines grand-voiced exuberance with a ramshackle folk edge, The Lowly Knights have more than earned their place in Belfast’s strong tradition of literate, folk pop. Gorgeous harmonies, soaring orchestral arrangements, and the kind of melodies that keep you humming for weeks have hooked the hearts of gig-goers and critics alike. An energetic live performance with hearty group vocals and musicians switching between an ever-expanding array of instruments makes a night with the Knights a truly memorable affair.

The Knights started with lowly aspirations. A one-off performance back in 2006 led to other hometown gigs, packed out venues, songs on the roof of a shopping mall, and sell-out shows in Belfast’s 500+ capacity venues Stiff Kitten and Spring & Airbrake.

Live radio sessions and glowing reviews in local and Irish national press have thrust The Lowly Knights into the public eye.

Animal Disco takes place every Friday night in Auntie Annies. Tickets, £6, are available from Auntie Annies Bar and