Torture of speeding quads and scramblers on rise say PSNI

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The torture of quads and scramblers speeding in residential areas of Craigavon is on the rise, according to the PSNI.

Police said that in recent weeks they have noticed a rise in concerns about these vehicles.

In a post on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook, it was stated: “Granted, this is in part due to the fact that Craigavon, design wise, is essentially a go kart track, but there is a very serious side to this that is not just about us ruining fun and seizing kids toys.

The PSNI pointed out that earlier this year a mother of three was killed by someone on a scrambler.

“Unless you are riding them on private property, where you have permission to ride them, then it can be illegal.

“Riding them on public paths is highly dangerous, illegal, and if caught will lead to your scrambler or quad being seized, plus possible court proceedings.

“Do you know who is riding these things on the paths round Craigavon? Call us on 101 and ask for Brownlow Neighbourhood team.

“They’re keen to rid Craigavon of machines that can kill and are in the hands of those who blatantly don’t care about their neighbours. Let us know who has them, and we’ll know where to watch. If you see them out on the paths, phone us discreetly on 101, but please, do so at the time, not later. Unless someone gives us a statement, we can’t seize a machine without seeing it out.

“Finally, parents - do your kids have these? Did you give in last Christmas?! Make sure they are using them safely. It’s a lot of money to disappear on the back of a tow truck.

If you see it, report it. Imagine if you could phone, didn’t, and someone else died. Could you live with that?”