Tournament on the ball

A SOCCER project aimed at promoting greater multi-cultural understanding kicks off this weekend.

The ‘On The Ball’ project is the brainchild of Karol Gallagher and runs from August 28 to October 23.

It will feature four tournaments and a celebration event for 7-a-side men’s and ladies soccer teams at Lurgan Town’s Gordon 3G Arena.

The first of four tournaments takes place on Sunday from noon to 5pm with further days on September 11, September 25 and October 9.

A presentation and celebration event on October 23.

Karol pointed out sport can often be a negative influence in promoting multi-cultural understanding but where good practice is adopted can be a means of breaking down barriers and tackling cultural stereotypes, allowing people from very different backgrounds to come together and get to know each other.

If you are interested in entering a team for any of the tournaments contact Karol on 07514 526 902.

Entry is £10 per team.