Town could have electric cars

COUNCIL has been asked to consider the possibility of providing charging points for electric cars in Lurgan town centre.

You may be thinking April Fool’s Day has come early, but the ‘ecar Project’ is being given a serious push by DRD and DoE.

Since the Northern Ireland launch last April seven electronic vehicles have been purchased.

A representative from the project was invited to meet with the Environmental Services committee this week to explain to members what joining the project would entail.

It’s understood a minimum one-off payment of £10,000 is required to join the consortium which is jointly led by DRD and DoE.

Should council agree to becoming a member, the money can be sourced from the current under-spend in the Energy Officer’s budget.

Councils already on board include Derry, Newry & Mourne, Armagh, Fermanagh and Larne.

The regional launch of the ecar Project with new consortium members takes place on Thursday, March 29. Before that date Craigavon Council will have to decide whether it’s in or out.