Town escapes worst of deluge

LURGAN managed to escape the worst effects of flooding seen in other parts of the country as the result of heavy rainfall.

While some localised flooding was reported, the town’s drainage system appeared to have been coping well.

Areas which had suffered from flooding in previous years, such as Silverwood Drive, Shane Park and Mansefield, were relatively unscathed.

A new culvert at Shane Park was credited for dry feet there and Waringstown residents were pleasantly surprised to find they weren’t facing the usual lake at The Hollow.

However, the Drumbeg roundabout was partly flooded at the beginning of the week, leaving one lane impassable.

Road Service said they are investigating the cause of the flooding.

The Glenavy Road experienced more severe flooding, with a whole section of the road being submerged under water.

Flooding at that part of the road is a regular occurrence during heavy rainfall - often cutting off one of the main route to the international airport.

A spokesperson for the Road Service said: “We will ensure that the road side gullies at this location are operating normally when periods of heavy rain are forecast.

“The flooding experienced at this location is due to exceptional levels of rainfall, which raised the surrounding water levels, which include the nearby River Lagan and tributaries, above the level of the carriageway surface.

“This leads to the road drainage system being overwhelmed for a short time.”

Some areas of Northern Ireland received almost half a month’s rain on Sunday afternoon.

The Met Office issued severe weather warnings, urging people to be aware of the possibility of severe flooding in parts of the country.