Town has its own tooth fairy

The Flossy wall art.
The Flossy wall art.

Lurgan has its very own tooth Fairy who lives in North St Dental Care and is helping young children with good oral health.

Flossy the Tooth Fairy even has her own monthly newsletter containing some oral health instructions/dietary advice and some magical matters straight from tooth fairy HQ.

“We will build on Flossy each month and give the children an insight into where she came from and what she gets up to in the surgery/her work,” said a spokesperson for North St Dental Care.

“Parents benefit from the news letter as it also gives them hints/advice on the importance of their child’s oral health.

“Children’s imaginations are the most brilliant thing. It is just magical to listen to them talk about her and what they imagine she does during the day.

“She is so individual to each child. They all have a different picture in their minds of what she looks like or what the inside of her house is like.

“We just love watching all of the wee cards and notes which the kids hang on the tree.

“Her newsletter has also been really helpful to help get the importance of good oral hygiene across to younger children.

“We are delighted with the response,” said the spokesperson