Town protester put others at risk by jaywalking, rules district judge

The man on the street. INLM2212-100gc
The man on the street. INLM2212-100gc
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AN Aghagallon man who staged town centre protests in Lurgan was convicted last Thursday at Craigavon Magistrates Court of jaywalking and disorderly behaviour.

He was 53 year old Eugene Bradley, of Parknasilla Way, Aghagallon, and he denied three charges against him.

But after hearing the evidence, District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, convicted Bradley of all three offences.

For disorderly behaviour on May 29 he was fined £50 and for jaywalking on the same date at High Street, Lurgan, he was fined £120.

He was fined £250 for jaywalking on June 1 at Church Place in Lurgan.

At the start of the hearing the defendant indicated that he would be representing himself.

The first witness, a police constable, said he was outside the Windsor Bakery and he saw Bradley in the central reservation. He was waving his arms at passing motorists.

He added that his colleague shouted at him (Bradley) to get back onto the pavement and after making him aware of the offence of jaywalking she cautioned him to which Bradley replied: “This is corruption and collusion of the highest level.”

When asked if he wished to cross-examine the officer Bradley declined saying: “I’m out.”

CCTV footage of the defendant standing in the central reservation was shown.

A woman constable said when she arrived on the scene she saw the defendant across the road and sitting on a bench outside the Windsor Bakery.

She added that he walked through traffic with no regards to the cars on the road.

The CCTV showed Bradley crossing the road and the officer speaking to him as he sat on the bench.

She said he talked over the top of her and wouldn’t listen while she was trying to explain why the police had been called. There had been a complaint about his behaviour.

She believed that on a few occasions cars had to brake as he walked out in front of them. Bradley could be seen on the CCTV walking across the road through traffic.

The officer said that she did not hear any offensive language and Bradley did not swear at her.

Mr Clint Aiken, in his evidence, said that he was in his office in the Lurgan Mail where he was editor at the time.

He explained that Bradley arrived at the small traffic island in front of the office where he had been conducting a protest over a number of weeks.

The witness said the defendant shouted up at the office and on one occasion shouted ‘B*****ks’. On other occasions he shouted, ‘That’s b*****ks’ and there were a fair number of people in the vicinity.

He added that if he could hear him they could as well.

When asked if he wanted to cross-examine the witness Bradley said: “Certainly not” and “Not with a 40-foot barge pole”.

The Judge then asked him if he wanted to give evidence under oath but Bradley refused saying he did not believe he would get a fair hearing.

He was given the opportunity on several occasions to give evidence on his own behalf but refused to do so.

Judge Bates convicted Bradley of disorderly behaviour and jaywalking saying it was clear from his own eyes that the defendant was endangering his own and others safety on several occasions by stepping in front of vehicles.