Traders pushing for end to new road

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MEMBERS of Lurgan Chamber of Trade have met with Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy to press for the completion of Millennium Way.

They were also joined by delegates from Lurgan Forward and Lurgan Junior High principal Joe Johnston.

Simon Dowey, of the Chamber of Trade, described the meeting as positive.

He said: “We have been pursuing this for some time, and we will continue to do so until the road’s completion.

“With the support of our councillors and MLAs, we are now prepared to ask for what the town needs.”

DUP MLA Stephen Moutray, who attended the meeting, said: “This project has been waiting in the wings for many years and completion is long overdue.

“Many local traders want to see it completed as the current situation results in a bottleneck through the town. A number have expressed the view that opening up the road would help with Lurgan’s infrastructure and would make it more attractive to potential investors.”

He continued: “There also continues to be very real health and safety issues for pupils at Lurgan Junior High School with regard to the present situation with significantly increased traffic levels along Toberhewny Lane, and this needs to be tackled.

“In my opinion this project needs to be prioritised and the people of Lurgan deserve a much better road infrastructure than has existed for many years. The completion of Millennium Way has the potential not only to make life easier for motorists but to aid the local economy and improve access to the community facilities of Lurgan Junior High School.”