Traffic problems put children’s lives at risk says councillor

Cllr Mark Baxter at Donaghcloney Primary School
Cllr Mark Baxter at Donaghcloney Primary School

CHILDREN’S lives are being put at risk and urgent action needs to be taken to resolve traffic problems at Donacloney Primary School, according to DUP councillor Mark Baxter.

Mr Baxter said he has been contacted countless times by parents and residents of Baird Avenue about traffic congestion, particularly at peak times.

“Not only does it cause major disruption in the area but there is a genuine fear that children’s lives are being put at risk,” said the Craigavon councillor. “I first brought this to the attention of Roads Service in March of last year after speaking to the principal and local residents who told me this had been a historic problem for some.

“There is a piece of land to the front of the school which could easily be utilised to ease this problem and after some investigation we found this to be in ownership of the Housing Executive.

“After much lobbying by myself and DUP colleagues to not only the DRD minister but to Housing Executive officials we have been assured that at least they have agreed to liaise with each other to see if anything can be done to tackle this very emotive issue.

“I trust a solution can be found and be found soon before any accidents occur, we can assure local residents and concerned parents that we will continue to lobby on their behalf on this particular issue.”