Trafficking from other parts of UK

ALMOST a quarter of all human trafficking in Northern Ireland is from other parts of the United Kingdom and not foreign nationals at all, a Lurgan MLA has claimed.

“Normally we associate human trafficking with foreign nationals, often desperate to relocate to the United Kingdom but until I asked the Minister of Justice for his assessment of the level of human trafficking which does not involve immigrants, this fact had not come out,” said Sam Gardiner.

“The second and third largest nationality groups trafficked were Chinese and Ghanaian nationals, with seven and six potential victims recovered from these nationality groups respectively.

“The fact that so much trafficking is within the United Kingdom means that we should be able to do more about it and it suggests we need more of a tie-up between social services in all parts of the United Kingdom,” said the MLA.

“I am particularly concerned that young people from deprived areas are being trafficked, even within Northern Ireland,” said Mr Gardiner.