Calls for change on Kiln Lane

Kiln Lane.
Kiln Lane.

Concerns are mounting about the traffic situation at Kiln Lane , with further calls for TransportNI to act.

The ‘MAIL’ reported last month that traffic in Kiln Lane had risen by 40% since the erection of traffic lights at the Silverwood junction with neighbouring Kiln Road.

SDLP Councillor Declan McAlinden has urged TransportNI to act before someone is ‘seriously injured or killed’.

“This comes as yet another near miss by speeding cars, who are using this road to avoid the new traffic lights which were installed recently,” said Cllr McAlinden.

“In this latest incident, a speeding driver confronted one of the residents in a state of ‘road rage’ and threatened him. I have been in touch on numerous occasions regarding this road and the new Kiln Road, calling for some sort of traffic calming measures and a pedestrian crossing at Silverwood Green - to no avail. In three or four weeks the schools will be back, meaning there will be more traffic on the road. The only option to stop motorists from speeding through this road is to close it off at one end or install ramps. For the sake of a few ramps or concrete bollards, it would prevent accidents and certain fatalities!”

Transport NI issued a response, explaining that they had been working on this issue for a number of years.

“In response to concerns raised by residents and representatives, TNI installed traffic lights at the nearby junction of Kiln Road with Silverwood Road to improve road safety, pedestrian facilities and traffic progression,” they said.

“Whilst the implementation of this scheme has been successful, some drivers are now avoiding the junction by taking a shortcut through Kiln Lane. Traffic volumes have increased since previous surveys, however, vehicle speeds have reduced to a level where traffic calming measures are not deemed appropriate. Permanently closing off the road at one end or the other can be considered but this may create different problems for road users. TNI are continuing to assess how best to address the issue and will liaise with the community and representatives as this progresses.

“A recent pedestrian survey at Silverwood Green returned very low levels of pedestrian activity and a controlled crossing is not merited.”