Tree planting project gets under way at Tannaghmore Gardens

Youths taking part in tree planting project.
Youths taking part in tree planting project.

A number of local people have taken part in a youth empowerment programme at Tannaghmore Gardens in Lurgan.

They helped plant around 105 saplings to create a ‘Wild Harvest’ hedge of hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, elder and dog rose on Saturday, March 11.

The Woodland Trust with partners Ikea supplied the trees as part of their free trees project for community groups and schools to encourage planting of native trees.

The youth empowerment programme is a world-wide programme for junior youth groups aged from 11-12 years old to 15-16 years old.

Courtnay, who is their ‘animator’ (or leader), explained; “The youth learn to serve their communities, speak up for themselves and help others.

“It helps them discover their inner strengths, and create a vision of a future with possibilities.”

The council supported the project, and all at Tannaghmore Gardens, Richard, Paul, Chris and Colin, also helped with the planting of the trees.

The programme, inspired by the teachings of the Baha’i Faith, was developed in Colombia by the Ruhi Institute over 20 years ago.

The institute continues to develop materials for the programme which have been translated into many languages and is used worldwide.

The Baha’i Faith teaches an acceptance of the scriptures of all religions and its central purpose is to promote unity and peace.

The first recorded Baha’i in Ireland was Joan Waring from Waringstown.

She travelled to London in 1911 to meet the leader of the Baha’i community and she remained an active Baha’i until she passed away in 1950 in Donegal.

For the past 30 years there has been a vibrant Baha’i community within Craigavon.