Tried to convince man his computer was infected

A Craigavon pensioner has warned of an internet scam designed to convince you that your computer is infected with viruses.

The man from Moyraverty Meadows got a call last week from a man pretending to be representing Microsoft.

He said: “My wife took the call. The caller was an Indian speaking person, but the name he gave was English.

“He told my wife our computer was full of viruses.

“Whatever he did he was in control of the computer. He was able to move the cursor around the screen.

“He was showing us all these viruses. There were hundreds of them.

“My wife is very astute. She knew what he was doing didn’t sit right so she passed the phone over to me.”

He continued: “I asked him a few questions considering there’s so many scams going about. Then he got very angry.

“I asked him was it going to cost money. He said ‘Of course it’s going to cost money’.”

The man added: “We’re both old aged pensioners, but thankfully we’re astute enough to recognise it was a scam. I just to make people aware.”

“Our computer is away to get checked and my wife has cancelled her credit card as well as a precaution.”

The Craigavon man said he’d also notified the police.

A police spokesperson said: “Our advice is that you should never disclose financial details or make commitments to pay by credit or debit card to cold callers no matter who they claim to represent.

“Anyone who has been approached in this way or who is concerned should contact local police on the 101 non-emergency number.”