Trousers fell off when driver stepped out of car

Police stopped a suspected drink driver in the Craigavon area in the early hours of Sunday - and when he got out of his vehicle his trousers fell off.

The driver was caught out as officers stopped a vehicle apparently being driven on ‘the rims of a wheel’ in the Laurencetown area.



Craigavon PSNI said: “The car was safely stopped and both front tyres were shredding off the rims. Clear signs of being driven straight into the likes of a roundabout or similar.

“The male driver was invited to step out of the car but in all the excitement he must have ‘forgotten’ that his trouser belt and fly were both undone.

“Neither the male driver or his female passenger were able to explain this dress code but needless to say, gravity stepped in and left the male staggering about trying to recall his trousers from around his ankles.

“Fast forward a few hours and the male was charged for failing to provide the required samples of breath for analysis. The partial sample that was provided indicated that he was at least twice the legal limit.”

The officer posting said colleagues would ‘just have to suck it up that he doesn’t know exactly how the two front tyres came to be hanging off the rims. Was it due to the excess alcohol alone or was the driver otherwise distracted?

“Who knows!

“On a different side of this story, we also ensured the driver’s intoxicated wife was conveyed safely home.

“We are not in the habit of abandoning intoxicated females on dark country roads.

“The driver was also taken to hospital by ourselves due to showing medical signs that were not consistent with simple intoxication.

“Luckily on this occasion there were no deaths or injuries and a few lighter moments to reflect on.”