Turned up for police interview with cannabis resin in pocket


Someone was left feeling a bit of a dope after a visit to local a police station.

Craigavon PSNI shared an unusual tale on their Facebook page: “Did you hear the one about the guy who returned to a Police station on bail for his interview for burglary and drug possession... with cannabis resin in his pocket?!

“Again, alas, not a joke! This happened on Tuesday afternoon. Not only did it lead to a further arrest and lengthened the interview, but it meant two of us missed the match.”

And anticipating those who would tell them to go catch some real criminals the police had this to say: “OK, so we’re not exactly bringing down a Colombian cartel with this, but it does make you wonder what this stuff does to your brain!

“Folks we get a wild load of slagging for going after cannabis. Fine, complain if you want, but when you walk into a police station with it in your pocket...?! Only yourself to blame!

“That’s one prosecution file heading to the PPS for burglary and 2x possession of class B”.