TUV man makes call for EU exit

The Upper Bann TUV Candidate Roy Ferguson has made a case for liberation from the EU.

Saturday, 9th April 2016, 7:00 am
Jim Allister with Upper Bann TUV candidate Roy Ferguson.

In a recent statement he said: “Not only does a vote for TUV send a clear message when it comes to local issues but it also sends one in relation to the key national question at the current time - that of EU membership.

“TUV has always been clear that the UK should control its own money, make its own laws and most importantly control its own borders. Therefore we have always believed that we would be better off out.

“Under the pretence that we were joining a mere “common market” this once independent nation was sucked into an ever closer political union, bound by treaties which strip us of the right to control our own borders, our own trade, our own laws and our own destiny.

“With every EU treaty the Brussels noose has tightened; the tentacles of Brussels bureaucracy and diktats touch all our lives, both personally and corporately.

“In what is likely to be our last opportunity, our nation will in the referendum have the chance to liberate itself and retake control of our own destiny and borders. What is happening across Europe on the migration front is a salutary lesson in the folly of EU nations surrendering control of their own borders.

“This is what the EU demands with its treaty ensconced free movement imperatives.

“In many of the debates which touched on EU matters in the last Assembly Jim Allister was the only MLA to make the case for Brexit. TUV was the true voice of Euroscepticism in the last Assembly and with an increased TUV presence in the next Assembly people can be assured that voice will grow louder.”