TV chef cooks in Craigavon

Helen Wright with award winning TV chef Danny Millar.
Helen Wright with award winning TV chef Danny Millar.

Award-winning Northern Ireland chef Danny Millar cooked up a treat in Craigavon last week.

Residents and fans of Danny Millar not only enjoyed meeting the award winning local TV chef they were also treated to some of his culinary delights as well as picking up some of his handy hints and tips on how to cook with leftovers.

The tasty food event at Craigavon Borough Council’s Brownlow Community Hub saw Danny work his magic creating some fabulous recipes with a range of leftover food in support of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, the theme of this year’s European Week for Reduction.

“We are delighted that Danny could come to the Hub and show us some of the tasty treats that can be made from leftover food. This event helps to promote the importance of watching how much food we throw out and shows that food made from leftovers can be delicious,” commented Mayor of Craigavon, Councillor Mark Baxter.

Danny, known from his regular appearances on BBC One’s cooking show ‘Saturday Kitchen’, delighted his audience with a hot ‘n’ sour chicken soup followed by a chicken and porcini risotto all made from leftover food. Everyone got to taste the lovely dishes Danny made and were very impressed that such tasty dishes can be made with leftover food. Danny also gave some handy tips on the simple ways they can reduce wasting food, including shopping smarter, storing food properly and planning meals in advance.

Food waste not only has a huge impact on resident’s pockets but also on the environment through the energy used in producing and transporting the food. The ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign recently found the average family waste around £700 worth of good food every year - money which could contribute to bills or a holiday.