Two arrested on drugs charges

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Two men have been arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs following an incident at Victoria Street in Lurgan on Saturday night (February 9).

Members of the local police Neighbourhood team were on patrol when, as one officer put it: “Lurgan NPT are driving along Victoria Street when they see some dodgy goings on with a couple of guys looking more nervous than a Red Panda in Glengormley.

“As the team bounce out, one wasn’t in a talkative mood and in a metaphorical ‘swipe left’, barricaded himself in a flat, leaving his mate already in cuffs outside.

“The door was dispatched in short order, and the team were in!

“Weirdly, our boyo had a sudden urge to flush the loo approximately 47 million times. Unfortunately for him, something was blocking it, and the place flooded. Sad times.

“Once number two was in cuffs... the team set about bagging up anything of interest... and there were certainly some unexpected items in the bagging area️

“One arrested for possession of class A with intent to supply.

One arrested for possession of class B with intent to supply.

“Sometimes, a peeler’s nose sniffs this stuff out. More often than not though, our activity is targeted based on information about crime from the community.” He went on to say: “If you like results like this in your area, then help us help you. Call 101, speak to us when you see us, or send us a PM. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”