Two arrests after house disturbance


Two people are due in court today (Friday, March 10) charged with burglary and criminal damage following an incident at Woodville Street in Lurgan,

Police said: “In the early hours of yesterday morning, we had reports of a disturbance on Woodville Street, Lurgan. Our first attending crews arrested a male on suspicion of burglary, but a female remained outstanding.

“A few hours later, we attended with detectives to carry out some follow up enquiries, during which the female was located and arrested.

“Both were interviewed and have been charged with burglary and criminal damage.

“They are being held overnight and will appear in court today (Friday).

“We’ve said it before and we can’t say it enough - report suspicious activity. This incident was reported by numerous people which helped us figure out exactly who was involved. A lot of people looking out for their community ensured an overnight charge. Proof that reporting such activity does work in combating burglary.”

A disturbance outside an apartment building, reported at around 2am, spread to a nearby home where a kitchen was damaged and a purse stolen. Four or five people are thought to have been involved.

Inspector Phillip Quinn said: “Thankfully no one was injured during this incident however in addition to the damage to the kitchen of the house, damage was also caused to the door of the apartment building.”