Two-year-old girl is knocked over by dogs outside home

A TWO-YEAR-OLD girl has been left traumatised after she was knocked down by two dogs outside her home.

She was tumbled to the ground by two Labradors and left with bruising on her back, arms and legs.

Andrea Fitzsimmons had her one-year-old child in a buggy at her home at Windsor Hill in Waringstown on Monday of last week. Her daughter and a friend’s daughter were on the green facing the house.

“The two girls were playing games and holding races up and down the green,” said Andrea.

“A man on the path was walking his dog when these two dogs came out of nowhere. One went for the dog and the other one went for my son in the buggy.

“We managed to get them away but the dogs bolted up the green to where the girls were playing.

“They knocked my daughter down and the two dogs were on top of her. I couldn’t even see her under the dogs. She was hysterical.”

Horrified at what was happening Andrea ran to help her child.

“I actually felt sick as I ran up to her as I didn’t know what I was going to find,” she said.

The dogs did not have leads or collars on them and Andrea thought they were out of control.

Two females came down and took a dog each. “One of them lost control and the dog came at me and my daughter again,” said Andrea.

Her child has been traumatised by the incident and is having nightmares. “Every time she hears or sees a dog she freezes and her body goes into a spasm with fear,” added Andrea.

She contacted the dog warden and believed that a fine would be issued along with control conditions on the dogs.

“But only a warning letter was sent about the dogs straying and the owner was told to build a run for the dogs and to keep them on leads at all times outside the run,” said Andrea.

Craigavon Borough Council confirmed a complaint was received concerning the incident.

The dog warden visited the owners of the dogs.

“A complaint was received regarding an incident with two dogs and a young girl in Waringstown following which the dog warden visited the owners of the dogs. This is now being investigated with council considering what action to take. There have been no other complaints regarding these dogs.,” said the council statement.