Two years since area weeded

Weeds growing in Taghnevan
Weeds growing in Taghnevan

It’s been two years since the weeds were cut in the Taghnevan area and the locals are describing it as a ‘disgrace’.

And a local councillor has urged locals to post on social media an avalanche of photos of weeds in their area to embarrass the local authorities into doing something.

Sinn Fein Cllr Liam Mackle said: “The whole estate is a disgrace because those with responsibility, TransportNI, are not doing what they have a statutory duty to do. It is not acceptable and it has to be addressed. I have spoken to TransportNI about this and have written to the Southern Divisional Manager. Enough is enough! If you have photos of the weed problem in your street or square in the estate then post them up.

“I have written to Transport NI about it. NIHE and Council areas are okay.

“All the weed growth is in areas where Transport NI have responsibility.

“My understanding is that Transport NI did not turn up to a meeting in the estate in May/June with other agencies. The weeds are so bad that they are going to cause structural damage to the roads and pathways which will cost them more money.”

A spokesperson for Transport NI admitted that the weeds were last treated on September 2, 2014. However she confirmed that the weed spraying contractor plans to be in the Taghnevan area this week starting September 5.

“Transport NI Section Office staff do not attend these site meetings as we carry out our own roads related inspections in line with our maintenance guidelines. Transport NI Section Office staff do however attend Interagency Partnership group meetings held in Council offices.”

Meanwhile, an SDLP Cllr has described the state of the road and grass areas around Kinnego as disgraceful.

“As someone who lived in the area for over 20 years I was disappointed to see how ‘rundown‘ the area has become.

“The road at the back of the houses at Island View Lane has got into a terrible state and indeed health and safety issues come to light.

“Many of the residents are older now and find it difficult to walk on the road whether it be to their clothes line or indeed for a casual walk. The ‘back field‘ as we called it needs cut and areas of it close to the houses have grown wild. Indeed residents are concerned coming into the winter that vermin are nesting in it .

“Overall the council/Housing Executive and TNI need all to come together and try and give this area a much needed lift and I will be contacting all agencies to put pressure on them to deliver,” said Cllr McAlinden.

A spokesperson for the Department of Infrastructure said: “This location is recorded on our schedule of maintained roads as Island View Lane. The road at the back of the houses is not adopted/maintained by Transport NI.

“We understand that the grass referred to is normally cut by NIHE/Council.”