Underground fight
club monitored

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Police are attempting to smash an underground fight club which has emerged in the Kilwilkie estate.

Police in Lurgan received a report of a large number of youths fighting and causing disturbance in the Kilwilkie area on Saturday, November 8.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a group of almost 100 youths gathered together.

One vehicle was damaged during the disturbance and police are believed to have spoken to a number of youths in the area.

Police issued a strong warning to those taking part, assuring them that those involved would end up with criminal records if they were caught engaging in such an event.

Neighbourhood police officers, community representatives, local schools and youth providers have appealed to parents to dissuade young people from participating in or gathering to watch such activities.

Duncan McBain, a member of the neighbourhood policing team, explained that there was potential for serious injury or fatal consequences, stating, “One punch can kill.”

Police have also been working with community representatives, local youth groups and schools in order to address this activity, educate young people about the possible outcome of such actions and deter any future planned gatherings.

There were no reports of any subsequent gatherings or disturbances in the Kilwilkie estate last weekend.