Union welcomes moves on health pay

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UNISON has welcomed the Health Minister’s decision to retain weekly and fortnightly pay for health workers following the union’s intensive campaign and their recent decision to ballot for strike action.

The Minister recognised that women workers, low paid and part time particularly, would be adversely affected by the change.

A UNISON spokesperson said: “We note the Minister has ‘halted’ the move to single pay frequency rather than completely abandoning it. Consequently UNISON will halt our strike ballot. Many changes need to be made to health service pay including the introduction of a Living Wage and the need to tackle the fact health workers in Northern Ireland have fallen behind the pay levels of their counterparts in GB. The Minister’s decision now clears the way for meaningful negotiations on these key issues. We take this opportunity to pay tribute to our members who have fought to retain weekly and fortnightly pay with great dignity and determination.”