Vance resigns from TUV

FORMER Traditional Unionist Voice candidate David Vance has left the party.

Mr Vance stood unsuccessfully for the TUV in the Assembly elections earlier this year.

Although he has left the party, he insisted he remains broadly supportive of its policies.

He said: “This has been no secret. There has even been entries on my blog about this.

“I certainly haven’t lost interest in politics, I’m just less interested in political parties.

“I feel a bit too restricted in political parties. Of course, that goes for all parties, not just the TUV.”

He continued: “I have a number of platforms in my blogs to express myself. I have no plans to stand for office in the future, but I will continue to be a political commentator.”

He added: “Although I have left the TUV, I still agree with most of their platform and will continue to be supportive of them.”