Vandalism is condemned

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The borough council has condemned the severe vandalism caused recently to the Tullygally underpass which is part of the £1.3m upgrade for the Portadown to Lurgan ‘Green Way’ cycle path.

Mayor Colin McCusker was first to slam the vandals who had caused havoc on the £50,000 underpass scheme.

He said: “I utterly condemn it and call on anyone with information to contact the PSNI,” he told the council’s mid-monthly meeting last week.

Deputy Mayor Catherine Seeley commented, “These people are not representative of Craigavon.

“The PSNI must be informed or it will happen again and again.”

Alderman Carla Lockhart widened the discussion into crime in general and said, “In the middle of the Christmas rush, everyone must keep an eye out for thefts – especially in the case of iPhones, iPads and other sought-after presents.”