Vandals leave bins strewn across road

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Vandals are playing a dangerous game in the Waringstown area by taking wheelie bins and leaving them and their contents strewn on the road.

Following an incident last Wednesday night there’s been a call for those responsible to stop.

PUP spokesperson Aaron Dowey has condemned those responsible for vandalising resident’s bins and spreading rubbish over the Dunkirk Road.

Aaron said, “This was a pointless act perpetrated by people who have absolutely no respect for local people, the community and the environment. I wonder what goes through some people’s minds when they engage in behaviour like this.”

Aaron concluded, “I helped to clear up the area and bring it up to a standard expected by local people. Its Christmas and people want to enjoy the atmosphere and not come home to a mess like this. “

A resident in the area said those responsible were idiots and were causing a danger on the road.

Another said: “There just seems to be an element that knows no discipline and have no respect for the people around them or their property.

“At the very least people are being inconvenienced by the loutish and frankly stupid behaviour.

“However, it could also be argued they are putting lives at risk by leaving this kind of debris on the roads, particularly on these darks nights.

“If a driver is caught unawares it could be the cause of an accident, possibly a serious one. For the vandals it might be a joke, but its not funny.”

Police received reports of bins pulled into Dunkirk Road, Waringstown at 11.33pm on Wednesday, 17 December. Officers attended, however, the bins had been moved off the road and the litter cleared.

Police would ask anyone with information about this incident to contact them in Lurgan on 101.