Vehicle was in a ‘very poor’ state

The driver of a vehicle which had its back door secured by a rope told police it was only used on the farm, Craigavon Court heard last Wednesday.

Tom Patterson (60) of Damhill Road, Magheralin, was fined £75 for not having a vehicle test certificate on October 13 last year.

He was also fined £200 for driving a vehicle which was in an unfit condition and likely to be a danger and fined £75 for not having any registration plates.

The court heard he was stopped driving the Nissan Terrano on the Damhill Road,Magheralin.

The back door was dented and secured by a rope, there were no number plates, no front bumper, the front lights were smashed and there were no indicators.

The defendant said he only used it on the farm. District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said the condition of the vehicle was very, very poor.

Patterson said the vehicle had been involved in a slight accident in the fields and hadn’t been fixed.

He explained it was used to bring the cows back and forward to the fields. Judge Bates said it should not have been on the public roads.