Victim in hospital incident named

Anita Rooney from Dungannon, who died suddenly at hospital yesterday.
Anita Rooney from Dungannon, who died suddenly at hospital yesterday.

The daughter of a woman who died suddenly at Craigavon Area Hospital has spoken of her mother’s battle with mental health problems.

Anita Rooney was laid to rest on Saturday, after a funeral service in St Patrick’s Church in Dungannon.

The popular business woman, originaly from Maghery, is believed to fallen to her death inside the hospital last Wednesday..

A spokesperson for the Southern Health and Social Care Health Trust said they are “co-operating fully with the PSNI investigation”.

Her heartbroken daughter Chloe has bravely taken to Facebook to appeal for more help for those struggling with poor mental health.

She said her mother was the “most beautiful, funniest, generous, kindest and inspirational woman you could ever meet”.

“However, she had a very difficult last five years and she lost a huge part of herself.”

The 19-year-old said she felt medical professionals had not listened properly to her mother during several appointments to address her illness.

She also recalled the moment she learned of her mother’s tragic death.

“After a sleepless night from my father, who was up from all hours we received a phone call at about 11:30am on Wednesday the 18th saying my mother was seriously ill and that we needed to get to the hospital urgently.

“As soon as we arrived we were taken into a small room were we found out my mother passed away and that she fell down a flight of stairs. I have never felt sicker in my life, I couldn’t believe it, and still can’t.

“I just wish my mummy was still here today, and that she got the right help she deserved. She was amazing and had so much life in her left.”

Anita Rooney was highly respected in the Dungannon area as a businesswoman who specialised in the area of recruitment.