Video: Bad weather blights roads

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Heavy rain today (Thursday) has led to flooding in many areas of the town.

Kilwilkie Road and Glenfield Road were two of the worst affected areas while persistent rain made driving conditions far from ideal for motorists.

Fundraisers at Bow Street

Fundraisers at Bow Street

Local councillors have been inundated with calls about flooding and are endeavouring to help residents.

DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart pointed the finger at UUP Roads Minister Danny Kennedy for creating a situation whereby the Roads Service do not have the resources to deal with the incidents.

She said: “Mr Kennedy has put out notice that Road Service no longer use subcontractors so they are now having to use their own equipment that is at least five years old.

“This is all about how you manage your budget. There’s enough fat to trim without having to cut frontline services.”