Video: Flight over Millennium Way

While the completion of work at Millennium Way has been delayed, local drone pilot Christopher Hamill has managed to give us a look at the new road from the air.

Delays have led to a stagnation of work on the latest phase of Millennium Way, however plans are afoot to have it opened in the new year.

Millennium Way

Millennium Way

Currently a road to nowhere, the latest stretch has hit a barrier with issues on utilities at the busy Gilford Road roundabout and Malcolm Way junction.

However, according to MLA Carla Lockhart, the Department of Infrastructure has indicated they are aiming for it opening in the new year.

“The delay has been created because of the number of existing utilities running through these junctions. Transport NI and their contractors are working hard with the utility providers to address them. The date for opening will be after Christmas because they want to ensure that the flow of traffic in and out of the town is not affected over Christmas.

“It is most unfortunate that the work will not be completed on time however on speaking with Road Service they will work hard to get it resolved as soon as possible. I am speaking with residents who have been affected by these works,” she said.