Video of level crossing madness goes viral

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A video capturing the moment a Lurgan woman put herself and a child at risk of death on the town’s level crossing has gone viral.

Police have also become involved in the matter after the video, appearing to show a woman and child racing through the railway gates as they came down, appeared on social media.

The incident was caught by a motorcyclist using a helmet camera last Tuesday.

Local police were prompted to post the video and comments from Chief Inspector Jon Burrows.

In their message police said: “Lurgan is fortunate to have a rail link, however with its benefits, come its risks. NIR put barriers in place to keep you safe yet some people just don’t get the message. If you get hit by a train - there’s no walking away.

“Watch this short video message from Chief Inspector Burrows containing footage from just two days ago sent to us by a concerned local.

Don’t risk it. When the lights GO, you STOP.

“For those who continue to run that risk, we will come looking for you. If anyone recognises the female in this footage, please give us a call. Her life and the child’s life were put at risk.”

In his message on the video Chief Inspector Burrows said: “This young girl and her parent or guardian could have been killed.

“Getting hit by a train is certain death and people just don’t get the message. We have picked up body parts in the past. Don’t take a chance on the train.”