Video: Schoolboy pulls 52-seater bus

A 10-year-old school boy pulls a 52-seater bus on his own, in this video footage exclusive to the Lurgan Mail.

The feat of strength happened at St Francis’ Primary School during a fundraising challenged for Trocaire.

St Francis' Head Boy Oran McCafferty.

St Francis' Head Boy Oran McCafferty.

P7 teacher Marty Lavery set his class the task of pulling Principal Anthony McMorrow’s car in order to gain sponsorship for the charity.

When they completed it with ease with the aid of a tow rope, they turned their attention to the school minibus.

That too proved too easy, so after a few phonecalls, Andrew Agnew turned up at the school with the ultimate challenge for the P7 pupils - a 52-seater, 13 and a half tonne bus.

First the whole class pulled the bus, then 13 members of the class, then 9, then it was whittled down to 5, before Head Boy Oran McCafferty had a go at pulling the bus all on his own.

Principal Anthony McMorrow commented: “We couldn’t believe it when he did it. Some people think the bus is being driven but it isn’t.

“The noise you hear is the hydraulic brakes, being controlled by Andrew Agnew to ensure the bus is in control.

“It’s an amazing feat. The reaction of Marty Lavery is priceless. The laughing you hear is me.”