Video: Vehicles drive past ‘Road Closed’ sign

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The ‘MAIL’ has obtained video footage of vehicles driving past a ‘Road Closed’ sign in North Street, just days after the police have issued a ‘zero tolerance’ warning to motorists ignoring the new traffic signs.

In the footage lasting just over 30 seconds, first a Parcelforce van then an ‘R driver navigate around the sign. Both vehicles continue to the top of North Street where they turn left.

North Street in Lurgan

North Street in Lurgan

Police told the ‘MAIL’ they have received numerous complaints of motorists ignoring the road closed sign and putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Constable Grimason of the Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Roadworks are expected to be ongoing until the end of March and traffic signs and diversions are put in place for a reason. “Motorists who ignore the signs and proceed to attempt to drive on a road that is closed, and even footpaths in some instances, are putting lives at risk and causing unnecessary traffic congestion.

“We will be monitoring the area and carrying out regular patrols and there will be zero tolerance for anyone who continues to ignore the clear traffic signs.”