Waringstown repair works are welcomed

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What was described as ‘overdue’ resurfacing work at Churchill Place and Cambrai Drive, Waringstown has been welcomed,

Local MLA Jo-Anne Dobson has welcomed the road repair work being undertaken.

She said: “Whilst I am delighted at the progress in this area it must be recognised that it has taken a long time to get to this point.

“Towards the beginning of the year, following contact from residents, I raised complaints on their behalf to Transport NI around the need to address the poor road surface in both estates in the village.

She called on Transport NI to do more to address the concerns of local people over the state of our roads network.

Mrs Dobson said: “Looking to the future there needs to be a much greater effort from Transport NI to engage with local communities and respond to concerns raised on their behalf.

“They must ensure that repairs like this, which are necessary in the interests of public safety - especially in residential areas, are assessed and dealt with as quickly as possible.”