Warning about heating oil thefts

THE Sinn Féin Group Leader on Craigavon Council, Johnny McGibbon, has called on householders to take precautions to protect their supply of heating oil.

Cllr McGibbon issued the warning after being contacted by a number of local people who had heating oil stolen from their tanks. He said.

“Those responsible for this type of theft are totally unscrupulous and will steal from the most vulnerable people in their own community. Precautions should be taken to make it as difficult as possible for would be thieves and the PSNI or the Community Safety Department at the Civic Centre will gladly supply information on safety measures that can be taken.”

Mr McGibbon explained that the thieves often leave a quantity of oil in the tank so that it may be days or even weeks before the householder is aware that they have been robbed.

He advised: “The best method of dealing with this type of crime is through community co-operation. By looking out for our neighbours we are protecting ourselves. Anyone selling drums of heating oil or behaving suspiciously around properties either late at night or during the day when the householders are at work should be reported to the PSNI immediately.”