Was abusive to police after 12 hour drinking session


After a 12 hour drinking session a 25-year-old man was abusive to police who tried to get him to move from the middle of a Lurgan street.

Gareth Waring Jones, Birchdale, Lurgan, was fined £200 last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for disorderly behaviour on August 2 this year.

He was bound over in the sum of £600 for 18 months to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

The court heard that at 1.30am in Carnegie Street a police patrol saw a man bent over in the middle of the road.

They requested him to move off the road but he refused. As police were escorting him to the side of the road he said: “F—k off you wee tramps.”

Jones was warned about his behaviour but continued with verbal abuse.

Mr Richard Monteith, representing the defendant, said Jones had been drinking for 12 hours and had little or nothing to eat.

He explained that the defendant had been in the middle of the road and thought he was going to be sick. He knew his behaviour was unacceptable and would apologise.

“It was a case of the drink was in and there was absolutely no wit,” said Mr Monteith.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said the language was very offensive.