Lurgan hour-by-hour weather forecast as Storm Gareth, 80mph winds and heavy rain arrives

A house in Northern Ireland was badly damaged during Storm Ali in 2018. (Photo: Presseye)
A house in Northern Ireland was badly damaged during Storm Ali in 2018. (Photo: Presseye)

Storm Gareth, heavy rain and winds up to 80mph are beginning to arrive in Northern Ireland.

A yellow status weather warning of wind for Lurgan and the rest Northern Ireland issued by the Met Office at the weekend was revised on Monday morning to reflect the possibility of 80mph gale force winds.

The weather warning is valid between 3:00pm on Tuesday and 12:00pm on Wednesday.

"A spell of strong northwesterly winds are expected across Northern Ireland for the evening travel period, continuing overnight and Wednesday morning," reads the warning on the Met Office website.

"Gusts of up to 60mph are likely inland with a small chance of reaching 70mph for a time in squally showers.

"Gusts of 70-75mph are likely along northern coasts, perhaps up to 80mph for a time.

"Winds will steadily ease through Wednesday morning."

Hour-by-hour LURGAN weather forecast:

Tuesday March 12

3:00pm - Heavy Shower - 7°C - 42mph gusts.

4:00pm - Heavy Rain - 6°C - 41mph gusts.

5:00pm - Heavy Shower - 6°C - 42mph gusts.

6:00pm - Heavy Shower - 6°C - 46mph gusts.

7:00pm - Light Shower - 6°C - 48mph gusts.

8:00pm - Heavy Rain - 6°C - 45mph gusts.

9:00pm - Heavy Rain - 6°C - 51mph gusts.

10:00pm - Light Shower - 6°C - 48mph gusts.

11:00pm - Heavy Rain - 6°C - 47mph gusts.

Wednesday March 13

12:00am - Light Shower - 6°C - 46mph gusts.

1:00am - Light Shower - 6°C - 45mph gusts.

2:00am - Heavy Shower - 6°C - 44mph gusts.

3:00am - Heavy Shower - 6°C - 45mph gusts.

4:00am - Light Shower - 6°C - 44mph gusts.

5:00am - Partly Cloudy - 6°C - 43mph gusts.

6:00am - Cloudy - 7°C - 44mph gusts.

7:00am - Sunny Intervals - 6°C - 42mph gusts.

8:00am - Light Shower - 6°C - 43mph gusts.

9:00am - Light Shower - 7°C - 41mph gusts.

10:00am - Light Shower - 7°C - 42mph gusts.

11:00am - Sunny Intervals - 7°C - 40mph gusts.

12:00pm - Sunny Intervals - 8°C - 45mph gusts.

(Source: Met Office)